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04 October 2010 @ 12:13 am
Please standby until things are fixed.
26 September 2005 @ 09:32 pm
Touya and I have been moving through the old haunts in the Makai, looking for Jin. We've also endeavoured to track down Chuu because Shizuru brought it to my attention that Chuu mentioned taking Jin back. Unfortunately the smell of Liquor is not uncommon in Makai and we cannot use that to track the peasant down. I find myself growing more annoyed.

Jin if you can read this, tell us where you are.
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23 March 2005 @ 08:18 pm
One would think there would be an end in sight. Of course not. Between being paraded into public arguments and coming home to a battle, to strange glowing objects, you would think it was time for a lull. Perhaps I've been here too long. None the less, after recovering from my most recent battle, I came home to discover no Jin. Of course I would have no thought to this normally as I really could care less what he chooses to do in his free time. However, the entire apartment was a disaster as though he was in a fight. I've lived with him long enough to know he would clean up a mess like this before I returned if he could.

Which means I have to track him down. I haven't been able to sense his ki in the area at all. I plan on visiting Makai and doing a thourough sweep of the area, Chuu, you're back there already I assume. If you can find it in you to take a break from your alchoholic binging and keep an eye out, I would appreciate it.

Touya, if you wish to join me, I leave tomorrow morning.
25 January 2005 @ 09:02 am
It is winter again in Tokyo, I took some time away to travel the continent. The man who owns the dojo I teach at has a friend in China whom he had apparently been discussing me with and I was asked to do an exchange teaching at that dojo for two months. Which was fine, Jin has not managed to burn the place down yet and Touya had been busy with work. So I took the opportunity to see another part of this human world.

I did not realize an entire country could be more densely populated that this city. Apparently it can though. On the other hand, there are people here as skilled with a sword as Master Genkai is with martial arts. The preferred style is Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do. It took me a while to grasp the language but the Sifu understood basic Japanese fortunately so I was able to learn and still communicate. I was at a Wing Chun school where I was challenged by humans with near mastery of their spiritual powers. It was not a wasted trip. Some of the humans I instructed of course were just as poor students as the ones here, but the instructors and men at the local temple were all very skilled.

I am back now, obviously. And it is good to see old faces. I do not miss the town so much as my companions here. The makai as well.

Enough of that.
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30 September 2004 @ 12:57 pm
that this is the first post I've done in quite some time. I have no doubt my fans have been waiting with baited breath as they regularly follow my every move with great trepidation. Unfortunately, there are so many acquaintances who have come to Ningenkai lately I have found myself incapacitated with respect to the computer.

I have had a talk with my neighbor, one that Shizuru did not attend and I am sure she will deal with that disappointment gracefully. She was correct in her assumption and I was witness to a rather slow man blushing and stuttering in most unpleasant ways. The horrible image can not leave my mind soon enough. He took it rather well considering. It has been nearly two years since the stirrings of his affections. Apparently I am not observant as to human emotions. Really, I've been here two years almost. It seems like yesterday I arrived. I shall never forget that first terrible encounter with public transportation. I digress.

Speaking of emotions, it seems I am also a poor judge of demon emotions. Chuu interrupted my cleansing routine this morning to put forth a distasteful proposition. Obviously there was little in it to benefit me so I turned him down. I am sure he will get over it, with the help of many barrels of alcohol.

Touya has been scarce lately. I believe I shall go attend to him now.
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31 August 2004 @ 04:47 pm
Aside from Rinku throwing a bit of a tantrum on the journals, life has been settling down into a sort of dull murmur of what it once was. Which is relaxing and yet makes me wary. It would be shameful if I were to fall victim to becoming so humane in nature that I let myself settle into a routine. That is the perfect time for an attack. And I will have none of that. So I adjust my schedule occasionally and keep an eye open at all times.

Touya is around more often now for which I am grateful. I've taken to requesting he join me for meditation and occasionally for running through katas. His style is quite different from my own and I think perhaps it would be nice if he would teach me a little of his style.

Jin should consider branching out, he's developed a superior skill in cooking amazingly enough. I hadn't thought it possible with his attention span. I find I have to exercise even more to make up for the rich palate he presents.

The neighbor has taken to sulking. I'm not entirely certain why, though he did come upon myself and Touya as we meditated. Looked quite beside himself if I remember correctly. I can't bring myself to care what his problem is. As long as it keeps him from touching me every chance he gets. He's quite lucky I haven't removed his hand at the wrist yet. There are lesser beings I have done worse to for similar transgressions. I suppose I should not complain as he has taken excellent care of the apartment on the occasions we needed a house sitter. And yet, I still feel that the things in my drawers have moved. I don't trust humans.

My classes have doubled in size at the dojo so I've split it into beginning and intermediate kenjitsu classes and the intermediate students often come early to mentor the newer students. The dojo master has raised my pay quite reasonably thanks to both this and the regional championship.

Very well, I shall take my leave.
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06 August 2004 @ 09:23 pm
Any being whom chanced to view me immediately upon my return from Kyoto may now promptly forget the experience. I was not beside myself as one of my students so 'tactfully' put it. Though perhaps I was a little too hard on him. Nonetheless, he should not be so weak that a little broken bone would reduce him to a whimpering basket case. Really.

Touya has returned and assured me he will inform me in the future when he plans to leave for any extended period of time. And I will not threaten his life again if that is the case. A shame he knows I won't make good on the threat. Really, all the beauty of a threat is sapped when the receiver knows you don't plan to ever fulfill it.

As a note to Chuu. If you bring your disgusting fermented bile anywhere near me I will kill you. If you plan to visit me, please have the decency to do so sober.
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14 July 2004 @ 04:08 pm
Where are you?
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10 July 2004 @ 11:55 am
I returned last evening from my visit to Kyoto, and am sincerely glad to be back in my own room. The house is still standing so Jin has not failed yet at keeping it. I have not seen Touya since arriving home, I will have to search him out, I believe.

The trip was eventful. Sadly, my students appear to have been the most prepared for this tournament which does not bode well for Japanese kendo dojos. Nevertheless, they preformed at their best and I was not disappointed with them. The top two students each took a trophy. Other instructors were so taken by their skill that they requested my students and myself guest teach and show some repetitions for them. This prolonged our stay excessively and one can only hope they learned by example.

Kyoto is almost as crowded as Tokyo but the buildings are older. Some even gave me feelings of nostalgia for Makai.

I must now take my leave as my swords need to be cared for and laundry must be done. Silk does not do well in this abominable humidity.
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01 June 2004 @ 09:37 pm
And I do not mean that in any pleasant way. My students are lazy. Nevertheless we leave tommorow for Kyoto for the tournament. This will at least give me a chance to see other's abilities in the human world. There are supposedly some of the best swordsmen in Japan expected to show up. Whatever that may foretell.

Touya and I moved back in with Jin on Wednesday past. For taking care of the apartment, I owe Jin thanks. Left to the devices of my neighbor I fear all my belonging may have been searched. The neighbor is too nosey for his own well being. Touya is doing much better, and has been back to work despite protests on my part.

I shall take my leave as I have evening justsu to run through and I feel I need to meditate prior to the trip.
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